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Contact Person: Ken Triplett Jr.
Office Location:Canyon 133
Direct Phone: 208-732-6335

Cabinetmaking/WoodworkingTechnologyThe Cabinetmaking and Woodworking program is designed for those individuals who enjoy hands-on, learn-by-doing instruction. Students are introduced to a variety of skills, techniques, and methods in cabinetmaking, furniture construction, and woodworking. Countertop construction, finishing, finish carpentry, custom woodworking and European techniques are also taught.

The Cabinetmaking/Woodworking program offers unique career opportunities and helps students develop skills few individuals ever acquire. It is a program of study which gives students an opportunity of practical application from which to build their working careers. Cabinetmakers require various specialized skills. They need to meet both commercial and residential demands for kitchens, bathrooms, bookshelves, chairs, and so forth. Quality and pride of workmanship are essential to cabinet makers.

Approximately 90% of students graduating from this program are employed in the cabinetmaking industry. We also enroll students in our woodworking club and Skills USA V ICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America). This club provides students opportunities to go to state and national leadership conferences, and state and national skill competitions. The club offers learning opportunities through fundraising projects for the benefit of the members. These funds are used to send the students to seminars, competitions, tours, and to finance projects.

Graduation requirements/curriculum are available at the online CSI catalog. For more information regarding our two credit elective - any major - download our course flyer.