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Contact Person: Clay Wilkie
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Welding TechnologyThe goal of the College of Southern Idaho's Welding Program is to prepare students for a successful career in the rapidly expanding field of welding and fabrication. The curriculum is designed to meet the current needs of business and industry. Faculty is selected on the basis of successful work experience as well as teaching excellence. Instruction takes place in small classes to encourage students' full participation.

The program begins with basic introductions and continues on to each area of welding including, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, and SMAW, of plate and pipe. Testing and Welding Qualifications are made available to qualified students. As technological and interpersonal skills are also essential to success in the welding field, additional courses in the following areas are required: Communications, computer applications, mathematics, leadership, supervision and professional development.

Welding TechnologyStudents will be introduced to blueprint reading, industrial safety, applied leadership, metallurgy, machining operations, welding procedures, material management, first aid and CPR, ornamental iron work, and metal forging. Skills necessary to succeed in the program are: (1) A desire to work with metal; (2) a desire to be a part of a team; (3) good hand/eye coordination; (4) problem solving skills. Degrees and awards that are available include an Associate of Applied Science, a one-year Technical Certificate, and AWS Welding Qualification's.

Graduation requirements/curriculum is available at the online CSI catalog.