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Applied or Technical Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning is a feld of study, which gives students a window of practical application from which to build on in their working career. Through this program, students can see where the laws of science shape their day to day lives.

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Job opportunities

Students can choose several different options when it comes to employment. Which may include installation, service technicians, estimators, designers, metal fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance, and contol technicians. You could run your own business. These choices are grouped into three major categories, residential, commercial and industrial. These opportunities are representative throughout the state, nationwide and overseas.


The national average is at $26.49 an hour for 75% of those surveyed. Idaho boasts $20.89 for this same group according to the Idaho Career Information System as of 12/02/2011.

Our graduates experience a placement rate of 90% + or -. Programs can be either 11 month technical certificate or a 2 year associates program.

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