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Drafting Technology

Contact Person: Pat Ferrell
Office Location:Canyon 115
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Drafting TechnologyThe College of Southern Idaho Drafting Technology program is designed to provide incoming students with the training necessary to secure employment in the drafting field as a whole, without specializing in a certain discipline or area of drafting. Graduates are thus “more employable” over a large spectrum of related fields, from screw thread specifications to subdivision layout. Disciplines addressed in the program are: machine (mechanical), structural, civil, and architectural drafting. All are addressed in the context of both manual and computer-assisted (CAD) techniques, although there is a definite emphasis on CAD. Equally important to the entry level drafter are communications, mathematics, leadership, management, computer applications, and job-seeking skills. These are all addressed during the program that results in the Associate of Applied Science degree.

CSI was the first public post-secondary school in Idaho to offer every student in the program their “own” CAD workstation and the first AutoCAD training facility in the world. CSI continues to be concerned with staying on the leading edge of drafting technology. The facilities are among the best in the country. An advisory committee of respected industry representatives keeps the program current to industry needs and standards.

Drafting TechnologyThe College of Southern Idaho Drafting Technology Program is academically rigorous and demanding. Students need to keep in mind that they may well require preparatory work prior to entry into the program. This work could extend the program to longer than 5 semesters. Aptitudes required for the drafting program include: High mathematics interest and skill; eye for detail with visual perception; creativity, free thinking; self-motivation and ambition; verbal and written communications fluency; meticulous, precise, "finicky" pride in work.

Graduation requirements/curriculum are available at the online CSI catalog.