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Diesel TechnologyThe CSI Diesel program will give you the education needed to increase your skills as a trained Diesel technician ready to enter the industry with confidence to be an outstanding employee. You will be instructed in all the key areas in the Diesel field so you will be more employable and receive the rewards of a great job with proper compensation for your hard work with a 90% employment rate of Diesel graduates.

Some things for you to consider about the Diesel field, there is a real need for trained students to be employed. There is a shortage of good Diesel technicians in the world at this time and that helps students with locating great jobs. The Diesel industry is growing each year with more opportunities in this industry for CSI students to reach their goals.

The CSI Diesel classes are small in student numbers so there can be more one-on-one with helping them learn the subjects that they are instructed in the class room and lab setting. The Diesel class room and labs are the most updated and best equipped in the State of Idaho with the latest mockup equipment for students to work on their hands-on work projects in the labs.

CSI has led the way for many years in working with the different industries in Idaho and most of the US with ties to major industries. This help train diesel students in the latest technology given to the diesel program by New Holland tractor and Freightliner truck companies, the program works with them by training their employees. The latest new equipment is donated to the diesel program for training of students as changes are updated by industry.

You will not find a better more rewarding education for the money spent by you and receive the training that will lead you to a great future in your life. Please consider the CSI Diesel program for your education and enroll, it is the best kept secret in the northwest States. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU IN YOUR EDUCATIONAL GOALS AND DEDICATED TO TRAIN YOU IN THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY.