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Diesel Technology

For Parents

The CSI Diesel program will give your son or daughter the best education needed to increase their skills as a trained Diesel technician ready to enter the industry with confidence. They will be instructed in all the key areas in the Diesel field so they will be more employable and receive the rewards of a great job with proper compensation for their hard work with a 90% employment rate of Diesel graduates.

CSI diesel program will give the highest level of high-tech training that you will find for the money spent on your educational expectations. This program is a hallmark in the diesel industry working with many major tractor and trucking manufacturing industries in the US. That keeps the CSI diesel program on the leading edge of new technology in the training of your son or daughter.

The college and faculty at CSI are dedicated to give the best education to our valued students and train them on the most update equipment and the latest technology that is give to us by many great industry people and there manufacturing companies. We donít just talk about high technology we delivery, we walk the walk. I know of no better educational college in the northwester states or other states.

You must come and talk with us at CSI and see with your own eyes what we have that is different than other colleges and you will see the difference in this outstanding institution. The people at CSI are a family and work together as team to make students the most important part of our job. The students are the center of what we do and they are our job. THE STUDENTíS ARE JOB NUMBER ONE AT CSI!!