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Diesel Technology

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Diesel TechnologyUsing the most current technology available our Diesel Technology program delivers training that prepares students for employment. By learning different disciplines to better associate with the diesel industry. Graduates are thus "more employable" over a large spectrum of related fields. The CSI Diesel Technical Program is currently sponsored by Freightliner for student curriculum, equipment and job placement.

The diesel technicians program is an 11-month or 2 year program starting with the fall semester, completion in July. The curriculum is designed by CSI and leads to a Technical Certificate or an Associates of Applied Science in Diesel Mechanics.

The instructors are ASE certified & Freightliner certified.

Placement for graduates is between 85 and 95 percent. For year 2006-2007 the placement rate was 90%.

Graduates from the CSI Diesel program are employed as Service and Parts Managers, Tractor and Truck Sales Person, Service Center Owner/Operators, Teachers or Instructors, Line and Field Technicians, Warranty Claims person and Service Writers.

Some of the companies that work with the diesel program in co-op and employment of students are: Idaho Power, Gem Equipment, Twin Falls Truck, Twin Falls Tractor, Burks Tractor, MV International, Western States, Tre-bar Kenworth, and Freightliner.

Some of the extra circular activities provided by the Diesel Program are industry training for Freightliner Technicians, Military; in-state and out-of-state, GM Diesel, SET, High School Agriculture programs and VICA club programs.

Program Description

The Diesel Technology Program is an eleven month program starting with the fall semester and ending about the last week of July. Being an open exit program allows the student to progress at his or her own pace. The curriculum is designed by the College of Southern Idaho with input from industry and leads to a Technical Certificate in Diesel Mechanics.

There are two Certificate options: Technical Certificate, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree (two year program). There are two options of study for each certificate:

  • This option is a co-op between the College and industry. The student is required to work on projects in the lab, and/or work-site and in an area of industry in which he/she is training for a total of forty hours a week. A training agreement must be signed, by industry, for the length of time necessary for the student to achieve the acceptable level of competency required for completion of the program.

  • This option requires the student to work on projects brought into the College lab, which are required on his/her student cumulative record. The work will involve six hours a day, five days a week, for the length of time necessary for the student to achieve the acceptable level of competency required for completion of the program. A special certificate may be received for the completion of any one or combination of the subject groups with Advanced DIET 150 series numbers in the student cumulative record.

Since its start in 1965, the Diesel Technology Program has consistently proven itself to be a progressive, innovative program in the professional-technical field. Over the years, with the completion of the Program, the average student placement rate has been 95%. Students from the Program are employed as service managers, parts salespersons, tractor and truck sales persons, service center owners/operators, instructors, line mechanics, field mechanics, service writers, and many others too long to list here. A few of the companies that have worked with and continue to work with the Diesel Technology Program in both co-op and the employment of students are Burks Tractor, Freightliner LLC, Gem Equipment, Idaho Power, Magic Valley International, Pioneer Equipment Company, Twin Falls Truck and Tractor, Northwest Equipment, West End Diesel, Trebar Kenworth, and Tri-County Equipment.

By working with such industry giants as Case IH, CAT, Cummings, General Motors, and John Deere the Program is constantly being up-graded with the newest technical advances. The instructors in the Diesel Technology Program are in demand to teach classes throughout the United States.

Curriculum Description

The Diesel Technology Program at the College of Southern Idaho is an open exit competency-based program. This allows a student to graduate whenever he/she reaches an acceptable level of job competency. Representatives from industry in this occupation have indicated that to be competent in a job skill a student must be able to perform that task correctly and not exceed the "flat rate" or "bid time" for the task by more than 50%.

The diesel repair industry has taken on a new sophistication. It requires advanced technical training and computer literacy. Today’s diesel technician must have:

  • Thorough knowledge of diesel systems and components.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Above average mechanical aptitude.
  • Good reasoning ability.
  • Ability to read and follow instructions.
  • Manual dexterity.

Since the inception of the program in 1965, changes in the technology has made it an ongoing challenge to meet the needs of business and industry. Through the hard work and dedication of our instructors, our industry partners, and our alliance with Freightliner and New Holland we are able to meet these challenges. Our advisory committee continues to be a huge source of information to keep us updated and in touch with the newest technology. Not only do these different groups keep us informed, they help us secure the training for instructors and the equipment for students needed to keep our Program one of the most up-to-date in the State.

College of Southern Idaho/Freightliner Partnership

The College of Southern Idaho represents a shared vision and a collaborative effort with the Freightliner Corporation. The numerous state of the art vehicles provided by Freightliner have separated us from other technical colleges.

We have certified corporate instructors that bring new technology to the CSI students. We are authorized to teach 10 different courses. Our partners in Freightliner Service & Development have designed the courses for entry level technicians, as well as the advanced journeyman. All of these classes are covered to some degree in the Diesel Technology Program. Changes in industry are challenging, but on the other hand, rewarding. Knowledge is success.

A majority of the classes are cross industry, such that, “Electronics holds no boundaries”. Our Freightliner instructors are the key in keeping the College of Southern Idaho diesel students competitive in the ever changing truck and agricultural industry.

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