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Trade & Automotive Service Educational Technology

Responsibilities of ASEP Participants

College of Southern Idaho

  • Identify a person with administrative responsibility for ASEP at the college.
  • Assist dealers with student selection and recruiting.
  • Provide on-campus instruction in accordance with approved ASEP and NATEF curriculum.
  • Maintain student records.
  • Keep sponsoring dealers aware of student academic progress.
  • Provide academic advisement and tutoring when necessary.
  • Identify competencies to be gained during career experience at sponsoring dealerships.
  • Work with dealer to assure attainment of career experience competencies.
  • Provide means to maintain instructor competency with current GM technology.

Prospective Student

  • Fulfill all requirements to gain acceptance into the program.
  • Obtain a GM or ACDelco sponsor and maintain sponsorship to remain in program.
  • Maintain academic standards.
  • Participate in all learning activities at the scheduled times.
  • Provide sponsoring dealers with responsible and productive employment.
  • Provide for program costs: tuition, fees, books, tools, housing, etc.
  • Pass at least 1 ASE certification test for graduation requirements

General Motors Dealer

  • Identify interest in being a sponsoring dealer so a name can be made available to interested students.
  • Interview and select prospective students.
  • Agree to provide dealership-coordinated work experience in accordance with the program schedule and for the duration of the curriculum.
  • Appoint an in-dealership student trainer to help trainee achieve maximum productivity level and to work with the College of Southern Idaho coordinator.
  • Provide related work experience while assigned to the dealership that supplements trainee’s most recent instruction (if within dealer’s capability to do so).
  • Agree to pay trainee during periods of dealership-coordinated work experience at a mutually agreeable and competitive rate.
  • Provide the student employee with work uniforms for wear at the worksite.
  • Provide fringe benefits in a manner consistent with those provided for other dealership employees.

General Motors corporation

  • Provide GM training for involved college instructors.
  • Furnish college with GM vehicles and components.
  • Provide college with essential training materials.
  • Oversee and participate in student selection procedure.
  • Monitor all phases of the ASEP program to assure its success.
  • Participate in the ASEP promotional plan.

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