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David RodriguezDavid Rodriguez
Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology

Hello, my name is David Rodriguez. I am an instructor and advisor for the GM ASEP program at the College of Southern Idaho and have been since 2001. I am a former graduate of the CSI ASEP program, so I have had similar experiences as my students. I currently maintain the following certifications:

  • ASE certified Master Automobile Technician
  • ASE certified Advanced Level Specialist
  • 100% GM Service Technical College Certified
  • GM World Class Technician
  • Idaho Educational Credential in Automotive Technology

I first started working on and learning about cars in high school and knew right away that it was a good career choice for me. I have a passion for cars, but my true passion lies in teaching others about them. I had a very successful career as an automotive technician and became an instructor so that I might pass on some of my knowledge and experience to those that are interested. I find that teaching is the most challenging thing I have ever done, but it is definitely worth it when I can help others become great technicians.

My hobbies include working on cars, dirt bike riding, camping and family. The location of the College of Southern Idaho fits my lifestyle perfectly because of the wide open spaces in the desert for dirt biking and the close proximity of the mountains for trail riding. When it comes to working on cars, I like to focus on new technology and learn as much as I can about what is going to be coming down the road. I also like to experiment with mixing old and new technologies. I also have a strong interest in working on and improving performance characteristics of dirt bikes.