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Automotive Service Educational TechnologyOver the past twenty years, the automotive industry has experienced a technology revolution. Automotive systems have been designed today that were virtually non-existent a few short years ago. Complex computerized components and systems have been designed into all of the cars on the market today and only get more complex with each new model year. To help meet the demands that technology has created in the automotive industry, a need for a new generation of automotive technicians has emerged. Men and women with the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and service the cars of today and on into tomorrow are in high demand. The College of Southern Idaho and General Motors teamed up in 1982 by combining their resources and expertise to offer the Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP). ASEP was designed specifically to educate the GM automotive technicians of tomorrow. Our program now includes ACDelco training and Service Center employment opportunities. Our students also have the opportunity to work for independent ACDelco repair centers as well as GM dealerships.

Program Information

The ASEP program has been one of the most successful programs of its kind. There are several things that make ASEP different from other automotive service technology programs. One of these reasons is the level of expertise graduates obtain in the two-year program.

Receive In-depth Training
By using GM training material and focusing on GM products, students have the opportunity to learn more in-depth knowledge of vehicle systems. You learn a lot about a smaller number of vehicles instead of learning a little about a larger number of vehicles. This means that you will spend less time on the job having to research every different car you are working on and more time earning money.

Earn a College Degree
Another reason the ASEP program is different from most others is that you earn a two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree. Most other programs only offer a Technical Certificate or a Certificate of Completion. Some of these programs also give you non-transferable credits. At the College of Southern Idaho, your credits will transfer to most other colleges and universities. With an Associate of Applied Science Degree, you will be a well-rounded technician and better meet the needs of a modern service department.

Earn While You Learn!
Possibly the biggest advantage of the ASEP program compared to others is that it is a cooperative program. Students are sponsored by GM dealerships or ACDelco service centers. Important hands-on training is acquired at the dealership while students work on late model vehicles. In addition, students earn a wage at the dealership while getting on-the-job training. Earn while you learn!

The ASEP program combines work in the classroom and lab with practical on-the-job experience in a GM dealer or ACDelco service center. Students spend approximately 60% of their two-year education at the college, and the other 40% working at the dealership. This is split into 4 sessions at the college, and 3 to 4 sessions at the dealership.

Join a Select Few
The College of Southern Idaho offers the only ASEP program for the Idaho, Montana and Wyoming area. We are a comprehensive community college located at 315 Falls Avenue in Twin Falls, Idaho. We have maintained a reputation of offering high quality technical and academic educational opportunities to all who wish to attend.

There are a limited number of spaces (16) available in the ASEP program and students are selected on the basis of admissions test scores and the candidate’s ability to secure a GM sponsor. Due to the co-op schedule and 8-week blocks, all necessary academic classes for the associate degree are scheduled accordingly during the two-year program. It is important that interested students and dealers sign up to participate in the program today.

Program Goal
Our goal is to provide the students with the knowledge and training required by an entry level technician to work on modern vehicles and provide life long learning skills that will be required as an automotive technician.

Program Mission The mission of the automotive program is to help our students become the best entry level technicians they can be and to prepare them for a successful career at a General Motors dealership or ACDelco service center.

About CSI
CSI is committed to the success of its students academically, technically and socially. We are committed to providing the assistance to our students to help ensure their success in life at all levels. With a low student to teacher ratio, our students get the individual attention needed to be successful in life. We have many resources on our campus to help students deal with the struggles in their lives that may affect their learning opportunity.

The Instructors
David Rodriguez: ASEP instructor since 2000, 10 years of industry experience, former CSI ASEP graduate, ASE certified Master Technician, ASE Advanced Level Specialist, GM Master Technician certification with GM World Class technician status.

Robyn Swainston: ASEP instructor since 2005, 10 years of industry experience, former CSI ASEP graduate, ASE certified Master Technician, ASE Advanced Level Specialist, GM Master Technician certification with GM World Class technician status.

Employment Opportunity
The automotive service industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified technicians. According to the Department of Labor, there is currently a shortage of approximately 40,000 technicians with the demand constantly growing. With training as an ASEP student, you can go just about anywhere and find employment with a GM dealer or ACDelco service center.

ASEP Key Dates

The College of Southern Idaho starts a new ASEP class every August and the schedule for the two year education is as follows:

1st Year  
Summer 8 weeks of co-op work/training (optional)
Fall 16 weeks at CSI receiving technical and academic training
Spring First Half- 8-12 weeks of co-op work/training
Second Half- 8 weeks at CSI receiving technical and academic training
2nd Year  
Summer 8-14 weeks of co-op work/training
Fall First Half- 8 weeks at CSI receiving technical and academic training
Second Half- 8-12 weeks of co-op work/training
Spring 16 weeks at CSI receiving technical and academic training-Graduation

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