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Auto Body Service TechnologyToday there is a considerable shortage of good auto body technicians. Research shows this trend will continue. This means job security for the people who enter and excel in the automotive industry. There will always be collision repair. The increasing sophistication of these jobs requires technicians with the expertise to rebuild them. By enrolling in an auto body program you can become the expert.

Technical Education in auto body at CSI is a partnership between CSI and a number of participating companies in your area. It痴 carefully designed to provide you with the basic classroom knowledge you値l need, and with the practical, on-the-job experiences in a live work environment.

Auto Body Service TechnologyAs a technical student, you値l spend much of your week in the lab, learning the skills and knowledge you値l need for employment. You値l also spend numerous hours in your classroom, learning the concepts behind today痴 auto body jobs. You値l also gain basic hands-on skills, including shop safety and proper use of hand tools. The auto body curriculum includes actual on-the-job experience, too, with participating business.

When you complete your education from CSI, you値l be well prepared with the technical and academic skills to enter the workplace as a full-time, entry-level technician. Or you can pursue further education at a college or university.

Here's how the CSI Auto Body Program will benefit you:

  1. Provides opportunities for "real life" applications of knowledge gained in the classroom (especially math, science, and communications skills), thereby making school more interesting and enjoyable.
  2. Offers academic and on-the-job challenges in accordance with the highest standards for auto body technology programs.
  3. Enhances employability as an entry-level auto body technician through the recognized attainment of specified competencies.
  4. Provides on-the-job experience in an auto body environment, which may lead to an offer of permanent employment or summer employment at an auto body site upon graduation.
  5. Affords the opportunity to secure an exceptional foundation of baseline knowledge and practical skills, thereby enabling the auto body graduate to pursue a number of opportunities related to auto body technology.
  6. "Real life" applications.
  7. "On-the-job" challenges meeting the highest standards.
  8. Learn industry set of skills.
  9. 90% employment rate of program graduates.

What Will You Learn?

Technical courses are created by CSI and its affiliates and include:

  • Precision analysis and measurement of collision damaged vehicles
  • Repair and replacement of damaged body and structural components using the latest composite materials available
  • Refinishing and color matching of vehicles using the most current paint and application technology.

As a CSI autobody technician student, your training will also include study in these important related areas:

  • Reading, communication, and reasoning skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Business-related subjects

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