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Collision Repair Technology


Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the Auto Body program are well on their way to a new exciting career. While attending the program students are encourage to maximize this experience by

  • Attending class each day as if it were a job!
  • Coming to class each day on time ready to learn
  • Always presenting yourself in the most professional manner
  • Being prepared to work in teams both in the classroom and in the laboratory
  • Realizing that my education includes both technical skills in the morning and general education classes in the early afternoon (i.e. English, math, social science & interpersonal skills)

CSI Requirements

  • All participants are encouraged to be employed by a participating dealership or independent collision repair facility. You have a job before, during and after college.

  • Students are responsible for the cost of all tuition, books, and related materials as well as the required tools. (Tuition costs may be offset through various forms of financial aid.)

    Shop material cost for the program: $150
    Tool cost for the program: $1,500

Auto Body Service Technology